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- your current version - tool over the wall? 1. can't believe mmJ's shoes shine instagram: nonewfolk? if you use a word to describe mastermind JAPAN this brand, I believe that most people will think of luxury, expensive, black, skeleton, calm and other words, but now, may also join a "cool". Because earlier, mastermind JAPAN collaborated with a studio in Japan called No New Folk to launch a joint model based on its flagship "shine shoe" Orphe. So, although the estimates like you and I can't believe this kind of "Bling Bling" cool shoes with "skeleton" and has always been to show people the black tone? MmJ on a relationship, but it is such a "shiny" birth. Not only that, it can also control LED lighting and sound playback through the iOS and Android mobile phone APP. "my lover is a the greatest hero in the world, one day he will be stepping on the" cloud "to marry me, I guessed right in front, but I can not guess would be mmJ." 2., Vetements and Reebok's shoes are finally going to meet us, instagram: vetements_official? days ago, Vetements announced at Instagram, and Reebok joint shoes will be in October 17th in Seoul and we officially met. This can not help but let us think that by color Mark pen painted white Instapump Fury, although the official has not formally responded about its identity, but in view of the current flow of information, the two sides to create the shoe should not run it. is it. Do you plan to star Retro jordans for sale t with it? &n〉Air Jordan 4 "Royalty" with the simple and distinctive appearance, was a spy by revelations by many people's attention, and even Kaws Jordan Bradn spy also seems to be black color set. The day before the Nike Air Jordan website Chinese finally confirmed 4 "Royalty" available information, this pair of black color will be officially launched in February 4th, divided into male and female size, priced at 1399 yuan and 999 yuan. If you have a liking for the sex, be sure to pay attention to the related sale!& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] As China's leading sports brand, Pick again much to offer in its internationalization strategy. December 22, US time, the US Olympic signed five players for the 2009 NBA famous spokesperson, which joined Olympic teammate Yao Ming digital Legion, Olympic history to become a five-time NBA players signing sports brands, plus Pick ago signed endorsement of Shane? Battier and point with Jason? Jason Kidd, 2009 Olympic global brand ambassador has reached seven. At the same time, where the New Jersey Nets Yi Jianlian also announced Pick hand reached deeper partnership relations NBA. Seven stars constitute Pick "star squad" This, NBA team of five well-known players have signed seven Olympic, as its global brand ambassador, Kidd Mavericks, Rockets Artest, Shane Battier and other front-line players will foot Olympic battle boots campaign NBA. Previously, NBA's top spokesmen a cheap jordan shoes for men lmost monopolize brands such as Nike and Adidas, this, including the Rockets three Titans Ron? Ron Artest, Dikembe? Dikembe Mutombo and Shane? Battier, Dallas Mavericks superstar Jason? Jason Kidd, as well as the Los Angeles Lakers Major Sasha Darnell? Vujacic, the Denver Nuggets star Sonny good? Wei Musi and the Cleveland Cavaliers? heavyweight seven players, including Jackson Qi Poly Peak, as its global brand ambassador, is considered swallowed move. It is worth mentioning is that the seven signing star players just put together a super team "star team", the center, the size of the forward, shooting guard and point guard, which covers seven players on the pitch Each location, with Hua Xu's words, "signed at the corresponding position on each player has considerable expertise, and this is to use our sense of professionalism and quality driven Pick every consumer." Pick Zhi-Hua Xu, general manager, said: Olympic and NBA official, including the players, including the basis for cooperation between the two sides highly recognized professional and resource matching the Olympic brand gene taken from a professional degree of internationalization of the brand from the same professional building, we hope more people could walk into the Olympic brand vision. It also marks the Olympic international, professional strategy to enter into a new phase, to continue efforts in the field of basketball inside and outside China in the world to build their strong brand. " The contract, P cheap jordans for sale mens ick became a disseminator of Chinese culture, not just into the Olympic NBA, signing professional players, Peak also strong Chinese elements into NBA, appeared with Chinese characteristics in the international field of vision. Pick signing players for the seven boots in order to show the "heaven and earth", "bamboo", "character", "four treasures" and other rich Chinese elements, won the superstars of joy. Kidd is not without excitement, said: "I always liked Chinese traditional things, new boots make me different on the court, so I sweat more confident stadium." 20 years of cordial independent professional sports brand Many people will now see the Olympic glory, but few people can see match Kemo Mo hard for 20 years. The early 1980s, Quanzhou Jiaoxie Chang business is booming, inspired, set foot in different sectors Jingnan began to look into the shoe, then took aim at the Nike shoe factory in Quanzhou. With the intention of both sides can and so, after Jingnan financing the plant built, Nike factory in Quanzhou has moved. Thus, Xu Jing Nan determine their own shoes, shoe factory employees to a group of people based on the original, Pick was born. Xu Jing Nan Peak Group is the incumbent chairman, Pick, transliteration from the English "PEAK", meaning constantly challenge yourself climbing over the peak of the spirit. From the beginning of the name, the Olympic determined to "Yongdeng peak." The next 20 years, the Peak Group durability lonely, dedicated to the design Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping and manufacturing technology research and professional sports equipment. Back in the mid-1990s, Pick through the ISO9002 quality system certification, becoming the first domestic industry through the quality system certification of enterprises. Group is established and implemented ERP management system for the enterprise market value chain management; to achieve sales network system control, to achieve efficient logistics management. Pick a certain product quality assurance after the Olympic name first became a major factor restricting its development, so that foreign investors want to buy a Pick shoes are asking label affixed foreign brand-name shoes. Although the availability of higher profits, but when the family Jingnan Olympic insisted:. "Not to fight our nation's own brand, also do not give a Jinshan" So, Pick's sales in Beijing Wangfujing Department Store, Tianjin Department Store, Shanghai hundred The first store, Xi'an democracy malls, shopping malls in Wuhan, Chengdu people shopping malls, department stores and other Fuzhou Dongjiekou the country's most famous department stores in full swing. Subsequently, the Olympic year in major shopping malls are classified as selling products, then in a nationwide show of radiation effects. Pick 20 years of dedication makes it melt today, "Chinese famous brand" and "Famous Chinese Trademark" and "National Inspection-free Product", "China's space industry partners," and other honors in one. From the domestic brand to Cheap air jordans for sale break into the world stage Pick from inception to build the professional sports brand, 91 years and Chinese basketball team name "Bayi" cooperation will make the Olympic basketball embarked on a more refined professional line. Xu Zhihua still clearly remember the Peak and the Bayi team cooperation to Chinese basketball what set off waves, "At that time we produced basketball shoes, there is no Chinese companies have the capacity to produce before the 1990s, the Chinese basketball team did not really basketball shoes, the athletes are wearing rubber-soled shoes. And we Peak production is the modern meaning of basketball shoes, fabric soft, lightweight and strong. "Facts have proved that Olympic basketball shoes for professional athletes are full of praise, then coincides with Bayi team to win, the other team's players are always in the game to find out which brand of shoes. "Reminds me, Zhi-Hua Xu could not help but smile," even when we Peak shoes to ticket availability. " You can not say that the early development of the Olympic systematic strategy guiding ideology, but rather a natural development. When and Chinese basketball series of fruitful cooperation took place after carding Xu Zhihua began planning the Olympic brand objectives - "to build China's first brand of basketball." With this goal, the Olympic sponsor from the beginning of the 1990s the Chinese Basketball League B, CBA league sponsorship, Olympic and basketball combined with from beginning to end accord cheap jordans online ing to their own pace, not because competitors have never upset their brand strategy planning and development procedures. This insistence, persistence and calm shape Pick "Chinese basketball first brand" status, "it is this effort to make the Olympic in the years accumulated a solid brand foundation for Pick accumulated a large number of loyal consumers . "Zhi-Hua Xu, for example," I have seen in the boutique A customer once bought 12 pairs of shoes, and I was curious to ask him to buy so many shoes do, he told me he was to wear, because it is comfortable and sturdy shoes . " Although developed rapidly, but Beijing's successful bid to make the Olympic is facing an unprecedented development bottleneck. "Olympic sports brand spurt led to the development of the whole industry environment harsh, remember that only advertise in CCTV have 47 sports brand, Pick urgently needed to develop breakthrough." Zhi-Hua Xu said, "At this time we start thinking more long-term development strategy. In 2004, it is a coincidence I went to Cyprus and found sponsorship of the European Basketball All-Star Game is very low cost, it is equivalent to the price of domestic small tournament. So we did not hesitate to sponsor this high level race. " After the end of 2004 sponsored the All-Star Game, Xu Zhihua began to carefully comb Olympic prospects and development step, "I think the international market a lot of valuable things did not go digging, we go out Peak." From this day onwards, Pick sta Retro jordans for sale rt the international strategy to develop the brand specialization, product series of development goals. cooperation in the international market to flex its muscles and NBA With 2004 a small chopper pilot in Europe, in December 2005, Olympic costing $ 4,000,000 and Yao Ming played for the Houston Rockets signed two years, the NBA became the first to break into the Chinese sports brand. Pick had in 2006 signed a heavily NBA Rockets star Shane? Battier, this is considered to be testing the waters of cooperation with the NBA brand for China, but also opened a Chinese brand to the world's top events of the door. Since then, the Olympic adhere to the use of international resources to enhance the image of the high-end tournament strategy, in 2007 it became an official NBA marketing partner and NBA Bucks strategic partner, then signed a defense is recognized as one of the best players in the world today Shaw Well? Battier continue its path in the world of basketball hall of hegemony. In 2008, it has become an official partner of the Olympic NBA basketball caravan - which is touring NBA's top interactive fan activities. During the 2008 Olympic Games, the Olympic determine the Dallas Mavericks Jason? Jason Kidd and Shawn? Battier continue as its global brand ambassador, and as the main image branding launch. NBA good brand reputation greatly enhanced the focus on doing the Olympic basketball equipment brand, which makes the opportunity to Pick With rapid development. Related cheap jordans for sale expert analysis, NBA spokesman use to enhance the global Chinese brand image had a very significant impact, given the marked international, professional distinctive mark. Pick addition to working with NBA, WNBA official market, but also has become the Bucks, Rockets official sponsor. But also the Iraqi Olympic Committee, the Cyprus Olympic Committee partners, in addition, also sponsored Iraqi Olympic Soccer Team, the Australian basketball team, as well as sponsoring the Stankovic Cup. Moving the first market differentiation strategy, will help Chinese brands breakout success, consumers at home and abroad are keen to become a professional sports brand. Currently, Peak sales in international markets accounted for 20% of total sales, and even the United States, the mature markets and channels frequently have the initiative to come to demand cooperation, Xu Zhihua think thanks and Olympic contract They are not marginalized mainstream star player. "Big players wearing boots gallop Olympic stadium, which gave me the opportunity to show their Olympic basketball fans in front of the world precisely because of the depth of cooperation and the NBA Pick, Pick products will be sold next year into the American mainstream market." Insistence financial crisis and social returns survey shows that 72% of consumers pay attention to the image of corporate social responsibility in the purchase of consumer goods, 65% of investors consider corporate social responsibility image, corpora cheap foamposites te social responsibility image becomes the inevitable choice to participate in market competition. Director of Social Responsibility Research Center Academy of Economics Enterprise Zhong Hongwu said that in the current financial crisis, companies explore and fulfill their social responsibility more significant. 2008 corporate social responsibility, the sensitivity of the whole society to enhance corporate responsibility. In repeatedly signing international players and international team at the same time, did not forget to return from the Olympic community, corporate social responsibility is a long-standing Olympic tenet. Recently, the 08 year-sponsored by the Ministry of Civil Affairs' China Charity Conference "was held in the Great Hall, during the year 2008 in the field of charity, especially in the earthquake and the South snow disaster, make a significant contribution to donor agencies and individuals to make recognition. Peak Group chairman Xu Jing Nan won the 2008 Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the "China Charity Award" the most caring individual charitable donation prize. 08 years Yes private corporate social responsibility rapid awakening of the year, the Olympic years has pursued "charity first" philosophy, has become the arena of private enterprises in love "flag." "Enterprises to survive it must be supported by the community, even if a little corporate social responsibility are not, employees how to respect you? How can people recognize the purpos Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping e of business? We have also seen a lot of difficulties, but our business purpose has never changed." Jingnan in He said dismissively at the awards ceremony. Indeed, over the years, Olympic company has been "personal value is to return to the community by the sea career, creating value for the community" business philosophy to spur their own, continue to invest in social welfare undertakings. When the 98-year flood, Peak donated 2.38 million yuan to the disaster area people; Education Fund was established in 2005; in 2007 donated one million yuan, to improve living conditions and health status of orphans and disabled children in welfare institutions nationwide; the same year the company was founded Peak 10 million charitable foundation for the student to carry out charitable, philanthropic medical help, charitable disabled, charitable - poverty and other charitable activities. This year the South suffered the rare big ice storm, Peak companies donated disaster total value of about 500 million ten thousand cotton; Sichuan earthquake and the first time the Olympic donated 1 million to support disaster ...... can say, Peak always attention to vulnerable groups and distress time, always return to the community of our commitment. Looking at the world market, choose the listing and other sports brand sponsorship of events and athletes abroad in order to nurture the domestic market it is not the same, Peak is a real wish to expand the international market. "Like in the Middle East, Africa is our focus on expanding market." Olympic Group Chairman Xu Jing Nan said. Peak now has been basically completed the network rollout in Asia, Europe, South America, Oceania and other major national markets. By the end of 2007, the Olympic Order was held with industry in a historical significance will be - "Pick global new autumn and winter 2008 conference and orders will be." The reason why the name "global", according to general manager Xu Zhihua Pick argument is "greatly enhanced the confidence of domestic and foreign distributors." The order will be in addition to the conventional domestic agents and distributors to attend the meeting, there are more than 40 dealers from more than a dozen major countries in Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas attended. China's huge consumer market, the ability to not only make China immune from the global economic crisis, but also makes Chinese consumer goods companies can sit back and relax. And the fight against international brand strategy to attack compared Pick domestic strategy is more detailed, and more precise. Peak in the country among major cities with more than 3,000 stores, has established a mature combination of brand marketing operating system. Actively occupied second and third tier cities, while Olympic also embarked on a major city, "research", is currently Pick on the clothing of the R & D base in Guangzhou, shoes R & D base in Beijing, with a view to the formation of high-end talent attractive enough . 1997 years it is the Asian financial crisis has accelerated the Pick of the old channel of the restructuring, from a planned economy to a wholesale development of market economy the main channel in the main channel of the mall set point, Pick enhance the entire enterprise, for post Great development has laid a solid foundation. Today, the financial crisis hit again, Olympic Group Chairman Xu Jing Nan more fearless, "We basically did not affected by the financial crisis. On the contrary, we have accelerated the pace of development." It is reported that, on the one hand actively recruiting Pick the one hand, actively seek Hong Kong listing. In 2008, sales totaled 18 million Peak, 2009 goal is 30 million. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)Fan: commissioning editor date: 2016-6-5 NB Fresh Foam Zante can run out of V2 evaluation New Balance recently launched a variety of summer shoes, with "wind run out" slogan, the main air and light, the Fresh Foam Zante V2 pay more attention to the cushioning performance. As the second generation products of the Zante series, where have they been promoted? item: 719551-123 release date: April 4th of reflective elements most bold interpretation of the achievements of the Air Jordan 5Lab3. Get inspiration from Air Jordan 5 reflective tongue, silver upper build reflective material, collocation pattern elements and burst Blue Crystal bottom shoes, this pair of shoes to pay tribute to the classic elements of the avant-garde appearance. On Saturday, March, Air Jordan 5Lab3 is on the market on Saturday, 29. item: 631603-003 release date: March 29th related information:New Balance's sports brand for its high popularity Made in USA running shoes M1300 brings this pair of new Creme/Brown color. On the outline of the classic shoes, with creamy white mesh fabric with light brown leather shoes soft material composition, dark brown with the word "N" on the side of cortical Logo embellishment, then with black white spots with details of lightweight midsole and outsole is black. At present, the shoes have been through Feature Sneaker Boutique and other designated shops purchased. 0.jpg (66.71 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-19 14:44 upload 1.jpg (386.6 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-19 14:44 upload 2.jpg (423.75 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-19 14:44 upload 3.jpg (404.49 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-19 14:44 upload 4.jpg (390.06 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-19 14:44 upload The new adidas Originals skateboarder adiEase Surf Author: shoesDesign 2013-2-4 22:52:41 to upload reading: 148 recommended: 0 reply: 0 category: SNK shoes information